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The Mind Wise Newsletter is an informative periodical with updates and timely articles about mental health, well-being, integrative/holistic, mind, body, and spiritual health.

The Overlap of Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, and Neurodiversity Wisdom
Two articles inspired by an autobiography written by a friend and recent trip downtown with the apparent plight of the homeless and those disabled with…
A close look at the history, key contributing factors, mental health-related issues, and needed changes
The dream is an untapped resource for insight, problem-solving, and self-improvement.
Understanding and tips for making important decisions.
Dr. Parks' update on gun violence, gaslighting, issues, and solutions
Journaling is one of the most valuable and accessible self-help tools available. In times of stress and duress, journaling can help work through some of…
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