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What is Mind Wise?

Mind Wise is an informative newsletter and blog that provides timely and relative articles and updates for your interest in mental health and well-being from an integrative and holistic perspective.

WHO is it for? 

Anyone interested in integrative psychiatry, holistic healthcare, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health, and well-being—for yourself or the people you care for.


Ron Parks, MPH, MD, is an Integrative Psychiatry, Holistic Medicine Consultant, Writer, and Mentor.

  • He is a diversified physician, specialty-trained in psychiatry, internal medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine

  • Board Certified in Psychiatry with a Master's in Public Health

  • Directed both traditional and integrative/holistic inpatient and community treatment programs

  • Well respected for his talents and abilities in understanding and working with the most complex psychiatric and medical issues from an integrative, holistic, and enlightened point of view

  • Valued as a consultant, writer, mentor, and resource for your interests in healing, health, and well-being

To learn more, please read about Dr. Parks and his Integrative & Holistic Approaches

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Dr. Parks is the author

of COVID-19/Mental Health Crises: Holistic Understanding & Solutions. A book with practical information and wisdom addressing mental health challenges and needs during crises and tragedies.

"In Praise of Covid-19 Mental Health Crises By Ron Parks, MD: Ron Parks, MD has written a wonderful guidebook on how to navigate through life's traumas, emotional turmoil, and crises. Using the upheaval of the pandemic, Dr. Parks offers clarity and insights for ways to change ourselves that minimize prescription drugs and instead offer core lifestyle, mindfulness, and spiritual solutions. He includes many heartfelt stories, including from his own life, showing us the power of using simple approaches to rebuild a better life. This very readable book gives you the tools and inspiration for achieving lasting changes, which can bring inner peace even in the midst of great disruption such as the pandemic." Michael Rossoff, L.Ac

"This book is a thoughtful, timely, and comprehensive resource for the many people who are impacted by the emerging mental health crises brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Parks offers a holistic framework for transforming adversity into an opportunity for growth, spanning significant topics such as neuroscience and spirituality. His approach to the problem brings hope without providing simplistic solutions. Members of the general public and healthcare practitioners can benefit from this book, which presents an overview of the important issues and a path toward individual and societal healing." Larry Cammarata, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Director of Education, Mindfulness Travels

"Dr. Parks has written a necessary and practical book on the coronavirus pandemic along with the concomitant consequences: fear, anxiety, trauma, and depression. Layered throughout the book are specific cases to support his contentions. He favors a holistic approach as a remedy instead of traditional medicine, emphasizing diet, exercise, and spirituality. This book is a must on your bookshelf considering these threatening and perilous times." Arthur Laupus Faculty-Osher Institute, Johns Hopkins University

I appreciate having the opportunity of connecting with you. I would hope to share some of my journey, experience, evolving information, and perhaps wisdom so we all may become Mind Wise and better caretakers of our and others' health and well-being.

With Loving Regards,

Ron Parks

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Mind Wise, by Ron Parks, MPH, MD, is for your interests in mental health and the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit—perspectives, guidance, and wisdom from an integrative and holistic view.


Ron Parks

Ron Parks, MPH, MD, is an Integrative Psychiatry, Holistic Medicine Consultant, Teacher, Writer, and Mentor. He is a diversified physician, specialty-trained in psychiatry, internal medicine, nutrition, preventive medicine,

Shan Parks

Writer and Editor