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The following is a comment I posted on an excellent article on the Substack Deplatformable Newsletter on decision making:

"I had a chuckle when I read your article about decisions and imagining yourself 80 and seeing if you would have regrets about something you want to decide. As I'm almost 80, I glanced back and found a little to regret other than I lacked spiritual perspective and believed I was a doing person deciding with a dominating left brain in its virtual projected world. Of course, I did pretty well and am still here, relatively happy and healthy. So, whatever transpired in my earlier years was on the positive side of learning and tapping into a more balanced way of being, choice, and acceptance of gifts and limitations."

I still get stuck with tough decisions, but it is more about letting go and accepting what the universe brings in each moment of splendor and awe. This morning, I had to decide whether to drag my lazy bones out of bed to do my several times per week swim, but I did and now feel great about it. At the time of the dark and cold morning when I awoke, I had to think of how I would regret it if I didn't make an effort. I took the cold plunge to swim. Still, I found my spiritual inspiration got me there to release myself from my mentally configuring and reluctant body for a heightened state of integration and well-being.

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