This was well written, concise, and comprehensive. I wanted to share one additional observation about the rise of our gun culture.

(1) We were not a gun in the house family

(2) One of my sons served in the US Navy

(3) When he returned home after extended duty overseas, he invited me to join him at a gun range. He was the epitomy of an informed, safe and thoughtful person in the midst of a gun. What I experienced that day was the adjoining lanes on both sides of us were people GENUINELY there to be ENTERTAINED. My son, at one point, gained the attention of those in the adjacent lane and calmly explained to them the safety issues with their actions as well as simple guidance on proper use.

I left that day proud of my son. I also left that day realizing that going to the range is now just another form of entertainment for some. A tragedy for all of us.

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Ron, you continue to stay relevant as you age. Ed

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Well done, thank you for this thoughtful and helpful background and sensible prescriptive tips.

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