Conforming, Neurodiversity, and Masking
The cost of masking, arrogance, and a rigid self-identity; Eight Tips for successfully living the authentic and creative life.
Understanding and tips for making important decisions.
Wise steps in making choices
The Gun Narrative and GaslightingListen now (36 min) | Transcript of the podcast Welcome to the Mind Wise podcasts about mental health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit, from…
Dr. Parks' update on gun violence, gaslighting, issues, and solutions
The Discordant Debate on Mass Shootings, Clarity, and Sensible Choices. Thought there seems a paralysis of moving forward to resolve this devastating…
Journaling is one of the most valuable and accessible self-help tools available. In times of stress and duress, journaling can help work through some of…
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